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    Steve LoBue

    Red Bull Cliff Diver
    "Put Getta-Gripp to the test from the high dive (72ft) and it passed!"

    Gabi Butler

    Professional Cheerleader
    "It is common while stunting cheer athletes lose their grip due to sweat and humidity, causing them to drop and injure cheerleaders. Getta-Gripp helps avoid these injuries like a charm!"

    Kevin Gausman

    Professional Baseball Player
    "It's genius that Getta-Gripp is water and sweat resistant. Pitchers always need something to help us with extra grip as major league baseballs have very small seams and are tough to feel for, especially for certain pitches."

    Greg Roe

    Professional Gymnasts
    "A better alternative to chalk. It allows me to get a comfortable and confident grip while performing my skills."