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What is the Sport of GTramp

what is GTramp

What is GTramp you ask? Getta Gripp has the answers. Over the last month we have been immersed into the world of Gtramp, but what is GTRAMP? To find out, we touched base with our long time friend and trampoline expert, Greg Roe!

Jesse: What is the sport of GTramp?

Greg: Garden Trampoline, also know as GTramp is a whole new element of trampolining. It is a freestyle version of Olympic trampolining and it is done on backyard trampolines.

Jesse: Why is it gaining so much attention?

Greg: This sport has gained so much attention because for years these athletes have been posting their crazy flips and tricks all over the Internet.

Jesse: We have been gaining a lot of attention and compliments from Gtrampers all over the world, why is Getta Gripp such a great resource for these athletes?

Greg: These athletes are always trying to push the limits. With that, it is essential that they can get a safe and secure grip without the fear of slipping out.

To see Gtramp is action, check out this video from “People are Awesome”


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